Tax Filing Process

Tax Filing Process in 4 Simple Steps

Sign Engagement Letter

Step 1

Sign Engagement Letter

Sign engagement letter with formal fee quotation as well as standard terms and conditions.

Submit Tax Data

Step 2

Submit Tax Data

Submit tax data on our secure client portal. You will be guided by our tax data organizer that customizes itself to prompt you only for relevant details and documents based on your responses to a basic questionnaire.

Prepare Tax Return

Step 3

Prepare Tax Return

We review the tax data organizer and documents you upload for additional information and questions, if any, and prepare your tax return(s).

File Tax Return

Step 4

File Tax Return

You are notified of the completion of your file-ready tax return(s) with clear instructions for review, download, signature, and filing.

Submit Your Tax Data to Us Simply and Securely

We use Intuit Link as our secure client portal to collect tax information and streamline communication with our clients.

One Secure Location

Share your tax data with us through a single and secure portal with 256-bit bank level encryption, which you can conveniently access from any PC and portable device anytime.

Simplified Communication

One repository of all your tax data.  Upload your organizer, tax forms, respond to questions.  You can even pull tax documents from financial institutions and snap photos of tax documents on your mobile device, all from within the portal.

Real-Time Status Updates

The dashboard on your account helps you keep track of both new and outstanding requests, making it easy for you to focus on what is needed to expedite the preparation of your tax return(s).

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