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Form 1040 of 1941

The New Postcard Return that Never Was?

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that the new promised postcard return will be released this week. The New York Times has reportedly obtained a draft of the new Form 1040 and posted it in their news article on Monday. The current two-page form is condensed into one page by introducing various new schedules that need […]

Breaking News: IRS Extends Tax Filing and Payment Due Date to April 18

Individuals and businesses with a filing or payment due date of April 17 will now have until midnight on Wednesday, April 18. Taxpayers do not need to do anything to receive this extra time, according to IR-2018-100. The IRS had had technical difficulties with the agency’s electronic filing and online payment systems.  A “hard reboot” […]

Settle IRS Tax Debts to Keep US Passport

IRS Starts Certifying Taxpayers: Settle Tax Debt to Keep US Passport

IRS Urges Travelers Requiring Passports to Pay Their “Seriously Delinquent Tax Debt” or Enter into Payment Agreements to Avoid Losing US Passport Further to our newsletter last year, Notice 2018–01 was issued by the IRS on January 16 to notify the public that, starting this month, it will implement new procedures that will affect taxpayers with […]

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