Foreign Earned Income Exclusion: Eligibility, Waiver, and COVID-19

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion: 2019 Perspective and COVID-19

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Foreign Earned Income Exclusion: Time Travel Modern day foreign earned income exclusion has its origin in 1926, when Congress enacted its predecessor as part of a strategy to help American businesses expand overseas by incentivizing Americans to work and live abroad.[1] The exclusion is still the best-known, although sometimes misunderstood, tax benefit available exclusively to […]

Expatriate's Perspective on Pandemic Relief

US Expatriate’s Perspective on Pandemic Relief

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Background The pandemic of Coronavirus COVID-19 has caused widespread disruptions to essential services, business operations, and everyday lives worldwide as governments around the world implement various degrees of quarantine measures in an attempt to contain the contagion. Recognizing that taxpayers have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 emergency, President Donald Trump first issued an emergency […]